Click on the headers to see the details below. Please note that fees are different depending on which photographer you pick.

Free / unsolicited shootingFree Free
Shared use shooting800 HKD / hr 1000 HKD / hr
Private / non-music shootingOn RequestOn Request
Photos for print200-400 HKD / photo 200-400 HKD / photo
Videos for further processing300-600 HKD / video 300-600 HKD / video
Photobook60 HKD / photo + shooting + printingOn Request

Free / unsolicited shooting

  • Oliver shoots in colour, Gaz shoots in Black & White.
  • The photographer will shoot 3-4 songs of a 1 hour set on handheld video with sound.
  • The photographer will shoot photos.
  • The photographer will upload the photos to this website and the videos to YouTube as well social media (Facebook/Instagram).
  • You can download & use the photos – as provided on my website – on social media, provided credit is given with link to this website and the Hong Kong-Rocks Facebook page. (for Gaz as well © @gazjonesphoto)
  • Videos remain on the YouTube channel, feel free to share the link as you like. You are not allowed to rip/pirate or distribute the video files.
  • No usage of photos for commercial products or physical media such as album art, magazines, posters etc.
  • If third parties use the photos (magazines, radio stations etc), they need to credit “hongkong-rocks.com” (for Gaz as well © @gazjonesphoto)

If you want to support what we are doing, here are some ways to help me:

Shared use commissioned shooting

  • Oliver shoots in colour. With Gaz you can choose if you want to have Black & White or colour.
  • The Photographer will shoot 3-4 songs per hour on handheld video with sound. 
  • The Photographer will shoot photos
  • The Photographer will upload the photos to this website and the videos to the Hong Kong-Rocks YouTube channel and social media (Facebook/Instagram)
  • You can get the photos in 1280x800px resolution without logo, to use as you like
  • You will get the videos in Full HD resolution, without a logo, to use as you like
  • Please give at least 5 days notice to check availability with the photographer.

Private or Non-music shooting

  • Please inquire for the specific costs based on your requirements with the photographer you chose.

Individual Photos

  • No logo, full resolution, digital download: 200 HKD
  • Touched up, full resolution, digital download: 400 HKD
  • Printed, on various materials (paper, canvas, metal etc): Price on request, depending on medium

Individual Videos

  • As-is (as on Youtube/Website, with Logo & band title), full HD, digital download: 300 HKD
  • As on YouTube but without Logo & band title, full HD, Digital download: 600 HKD.
  • Raw video, as off the camera, unstabilized, (1GB+ files!): 300 HKD. Please provided sufficient storage media in case the size is too big for digital download.

Photo Books

  • The Photographer will create photo books of your gig/event, audience etc
  • The charge is per photo displayed in the book
  • Shooting costs are extra, see above prices
  • Printing costs are extra, according to your paper/format/etc preferences

General terms & Conditions:

If I agree to come to a gig, paid or free shooting, you do not have any rights for damage compensation in case I cannot make it or if the media material turns out to be unusable for any reason.