Qi (shot by @ H2 Festival 2019, The Wanch)

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Qi are an original rock band serving up good-time glitter/grunge grooves – spiked with big hooks, spiced with rough edges and soaked in open-hearted soul.

Formed in Hong Kong in 2018, Qi brings together disparate musical voices from East and South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East – united in their mission to promote peace, love and groove.

Praise from Press : Release: “The patchwork juxtaposition of image, style and movement – confidence – they are energy incarnate… [#QI] look like they intend to go global: I hope the world embraces them – Hong Kong could do with a world-beating export right about now.”

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H2 Festival 2019

The H2 Festival 2019 lasted 6 days from June 26th until July 2nd and featured 80 bands.

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The Wanch

The Wanch is a historic, friendly, hassle-free, international and unpretentious Music Club with high quality service and a wide variety of free live music.

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