Radio Interview with James Ross @ RTHK3 (by )

Just finished the Interview with James Ross @ RTHK Radio 3 Hong Kong. Thanks a lot to James for having me, it’s been a real treat!

We talked about the Hong Kong Music scene, venues like The Wanch, The Aftermath Bar and Rula Live, but also about bands like Don’t Panic, Dj Star and Shumking Mansion and looked forward to the Rotten Head Music Festival as well as the next Esimorp gig.

International Artists discussed were Chris Barron and Mutant Monster.

Listen to the whole interview here (part 4 from 13:10 on)

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Featured Artist(s):

Chris Barron

Is this your band? Give us a description and we will put it here!

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DJ Star

Dear astral traveller,

Welcome to planet DJ Star!

DJ Star are a collections of pirates, tricksters and Shaman with illegal brains and mojo. Shunsuke on drums and screamin vocals is a big bad daddy-o from the land of the rising sun. Also from the land of Ozu is Noriko on bass and sweet vocals but be careful bro…don’t you mess with her! From the great lakes comes Philip on guitar and pseudo singin…he is the ferryman that will take you to your destination ….

Musically, DJ Star chef up nothing but the best curated coolness that takes the audience on a journey through chaos and back to its primal core…

You wanted the best, you got it…’s DJ Star!

DJ Star on Facebook

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Don't Panic

Don't Panic is a high-power cover rock band from Hong Kong.

Official Website

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Under a simple yet unforgettable moniker that uses lead singer Promise Armstrong’s name spelled backwards, Esimorp have risen to become one of Hong Kong’s most popular live bands in recent years. Combining its members’ diverse backgrounds with their singular commitment to creating music that moves the listener, the quartet transcends the local Hong Kong music scene with a sound that has won international recognition.

Having spent their early years ticking off a performance at TEDxHongKong, claiming victory at Volkswagen x Underground Battle of the Bands Final 2017, and releasing a series of singles, the band landed a slot at Clockenflap Festival 2018, representing on a global stage the best of what Hong Kong has to offer. They released their debut album, “Roar Like The Ocean,” on November 15th, 2019.

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Mutant Monster

Formed in 2008 by sisters BE and MEANA during their high school, later to be joined by drummer CHAD in 2012, MUTANT MONSTER found inspiration from the punk rock sounds, with bands like The Clash, Sex Pistols, and The Ramones influencing the band’s creation.also Elvis Presley etc...

Mutant Monster Website
Mutant Monster Twitter
Mutant Monster Facebook

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Shumking Mansion

Shumking Mansion is an Indie band that plays an intense blend of upbeat Dance Rock and Synth Pop with a Psychedelic energy. Described as “one of the most mesmeric acts on Hong Kong circuit” they are a live band who engage crowds and project their intense sets with passion and energy.

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Oliver grew up in Munich, Germany and is shooting digital photos since 2000. He lives in Hong Kong since 2006, soon discovered HKG's vibrant live music scene and started taking live music photos in 2009. He created the brand "Hong Kong Rocks" in 2013 and in 2016 he shot the first music video.

Besides live music, Oliver is passionate about underwater photography and has another dedicated website for this.

Further, Oliver programmed the content management system for both websites and is actively developing the backend for more functionality.

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