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Qi are an original rock band serving up good-time glitter/grunge grooves – spiked with stadium-sized hooks, spiced with rough-gutter edges and soaked in open-hearted soul.

Since emerging on the Hong Kong scene in summer 2019, Qi have rocked festivals including H2, AUOM, LKF Chillax Beer & Music Fest, and gigged regularly at all the island’s top venues including The Aftermath Bar, Peel Fresco, Rula Live and – of course – The Wanch.

Qi’s debut release, an eight-track, LP-length collection entitled Solstice – recorded at Hong Kong’s Sunset Studios in a single day and mixed by industry veteran Philip Daryl Emond – was released on Vintage Vinyl HK in May 2020.

The quintet opened 2021 with the Racing for Our Lives EP, a three-track collection conceived and recorded during lockdown and led by the biting rocker Racing for Your Life, described by by The Underground as "a tribute to the life-affirming power of live music perfectly calibrated to have a roomful of revelers singing along ... Music that is ideally meant to be played live, loud, and among friends."

In April 2021 they broke a long lockdown hiatus performing on Hong Kong’s iconic Central Harbourfront at the inaugural LIVE @ The Grounds.

A fractured harmony of big ideas and bigger personalities, Qi brings together a quintet of disparate musical voices from across East and Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East – five musicians united in their shared mission to promote peace, love and groove.

Hyperbolic press blurb and fan praise:

“Solstice is a fast-paced Glam Rock sexual romp – from the first track to the finale the band has more than enough Qi to keep the audience entertained.

“Solstice definitely works … The songs are catchy, full of musical creativity and live energy… the lyrics are very good. … Energy that’s what Solstice has. Energy, Sex and Fun” - Cyril Ma, reviewing debut LP SOLSTiCE for The Underground HK

“[#QI] look like they intend to go global: I hope the world embraces them – Hong Kong could do with a world-beating export right about now ..

"The Qi phenomenon. Ear worms galore. Qi's choicest charms are stadium fodder" - press: release

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