Repeat Offenders (by @ Hallelujah Festival 2021, Rio)

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Repeat Offenders

Alternative fun-rock 3 piece Repeat Offenders are comprised of the experienced Jerry Gadd on drums; the multi-expressioned Lenny Leung on guitar and the just-happy-to-be-there Geoff Wheeler on bass and vocals.

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Location: Hong Kong > Hong Kong Island > Wan Chai > Rio

RIO is an upmarket, beautifully appointed lounge and nightclub located on Jaffe Road. By offering superior service, higher standards of food and beverage, and with strict entrance requirements, the club sets itself apart as the best choice for those seeking a consistently safe, wholesome and fun club experience in Wan Chai.

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Hallelujah Festival 2021

This year's Hallelujah festival took place at Rio Club from 2021-06-30 until 2021-07-03 and covered 26 bands over those 4 days.

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