Murphy and the Lawyers (by @ The Wanch)

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Murphy And The Lawyers

Formed in 2021, "Murphy and The Lawyers" is a vibrant and dynamic Pop-Reggae-Dancehall band that's all about creating infectious rhythms and catchy melodies that get people moving. Blending syncopated afro beats with a touch of pop flavor, this band is not afraid to push genre boundaries and carve out a unique space in the music world. Whether they're performing live or recording in the studio, "Murphy and The Lawyers" never fails to deliver memorable, groovy, and highly entertaining music that speaks to a wide range of audiences

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The Wanch

Location: Hong Kong > Hong Kong Island > Wan Chai > The Wanch

The Wanch is a historic, friendly, hassle-free, international and unpretentious Music Club with high quality service and a wide variety of free live music.

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