Shumking Mansion (by @ The Wanch)

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Shumking Mansion

Shumking Mansion is an Indie band that plays an intense blend of upbeat Dance Rock and Synth Pop with a Psychedelic energy. Described as “one of the most mesmeric acts on Hong Kong circuit” they are a live band who engage crowds and project their intense sets with passion and energy.

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The Wanch

The Wanch is a historic, friendly, hassle-free, international and unpretentious Music Club with high quality service and a wide variety of free live music.

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Featured Photographer


Asher grew up in Manchester, England. She’s loved live music ever since spending summers at music festivals as a kid.

She’s lived in Hong Kong since 2014 and runs her own photography business.
Asher prides herself on being easy-going and fun to work with, capturing the event’s vibe in a naturalistic way.

In her spare time, Asher performs stand-up comedy, in both English and (wobbly) Cantonese.

You can follow her photography on instagram: @asher_chan_photography

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